Global Social Awards

Fórum Karlín, Prague
29. 5. 2019


The first ever Global Social Awards on the planet and we were part of it. Our creative director Kuba Dvořák joined the teamed of creatives to prepare 3 different shows during this special night. The opening number with led phones started with prefetched spot of our dancers on different Prague landmarks such as Vítkov, National Theatre or Žižkov TV Tower under the director Vít Bělehradský, which opened the live stream to the whole world. The opening number also involved the famous acrobatic influencers from Australia - Rybka Twins with more than 1 million subscribers on Instagram. After introducing Rybka Twins, came Justin Jesso with his two hit songs Getting Closer and Stargazing accompanied by 20  Fragments dancers choreographed by Kuba Dvořák. The second performance of the night was tribute to Czech Republic - ballet and contemporary piece with acrobatic elements on remixed version of Vltava by Bedřich Smetana. The closing performance belonged to famous German singer Nico Santos with his "Unforgettable" accompanied by 14 of our dancers and tailor-made choreography. All costumes provided by our costume production. Tailor-made logos made from crystals on croptops and shirts. Over 4 months of creative process and 2 weeks of rehearsals we spent on this huge project.